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“Rich Emberlin has spent 30 years fighting the war on crime and terrorism, exemplifying the kind of leadership, patriotism, and dedication to duty that our nation can be proud of. I have gotten to know Rich very well over the years, and he truly represents the best that law enforcement has to offer. There is a lifetime of wisdom behind the badge. In addition to being an insightful subject matter expert in his field, Rich is a charismatic and humorous natural-born storyteller who never fails to educate and inspire with true tales from one of the most honorable professions that exists today.”

Roger Staubach
NFL Hall of Fame Quarterback and Super Bowl MVP, Dallas Cowboys
Executive Chairman, Jones Lang LaSalle Americas


"Rich Emberlin has been a personal friend of mine and a Master Instructor for Safariland Training Group for more than 15 years. Even before then, I knew Rich through our work - he was a Dallas SWAT Officer and I was a Houston SWAT Officer. We used to cross paths from time to time at competitions and conferences.

I have witnessed Rich speak at several venues over the years and have always found him to be entertaining, engaging, articulate, and personable. Rich has a very likeable personality, and he is at home in front of audiences and the camera. I highly recommend him for speaking or presentation work."

M. L. “Sandy” Wall
Director, Training Group


“Rich is my go-to expert on law enforcement and crime. He can take complex issues and humanize them in a way that my viewers and listeners can easily understand. I always leave the interview feeling like I learned something new. His humorous and down-to-earth demeanor makes Rich stand out as one of the best and easiest to talk with. If you have an opportunity to interview him, do it. You will be happy you did.” 

Grant Stinchfield
Host, Stinchfield, NRA-TV 
Host, The Stinchfield Report, 570AM Dallas


“I've known Rich for a number of years, and he is a terrific person and consummate professional. He appeared on Good Morning Texas to promote A&E’s new show, Live PD, when it debuted. Rich came prepared, knew his material, and had a great on-camera presence that was confident and engaging. He is definitely a charismatic personality who can capture television audiences and hold their attention.”

Jane McGarry
Emmy Award-Winning TV News Anchor 
Host, WFAA-TV’s Good Morning Texas


On September 20th, 2015, the Republican Women of Baltimore County(RWBC) proudly hosted a fundraiser for Feherty’s Troops First Foundation.  Our keynote speaker was to be Taya Kyle. The morning of our event, due to unexpected circumstances, Taya missed her flight from San Diego. You can imagine how devastated we were. By the miracle of God and technology, we were able to have Taya Skype in to talk to us on a wide screen television and she was very good.   

After she spoke, Rick Kell, Co-Founder of Feherty’s Troops First, asked if we would like Rich Emberlin to speak; that he was a close friend of both Taya and Chris Kyle, and how much they had trusted him. Rich was right there and ready to give us quite an outstanding biography of their lives, talking about Chris and all that he went through in Iraq as a sniper, his home life and their friendship. He was received very well by everyone, for what could’ve been a big disappointment for our event. Rich was actually able to turn our event into just as much of a success, if Taya were there in person. He was very attentive to everyone and took questions up to the end.  Walking around throughout the rest of the day, people would stop him and he would answer their questions or just chat with the attendees. We really couldn’t have asked for more. Please thank Rich for us. Our Event turned out to be a great success. 

Patricia M. Ensor
Co-Chairman, Vineyard and Valor
Past President, Republican Women of Baltimore County 2016


“As the protection detail leader for former Secretary of State Dr. Henry Kissinger, I first had the privilege of working alongside Rich Emberlin during a visit to Dallas in the spring of 2013. From the moment of stepping off the plane to our departure seven hours later, Rich went above and beyond the call of duty to help ensure our visit went smoothly. That day, Rich earned not only my respect but also my friendship. He is someone I turn to for work advice as well as life advice. Rich is a storyteller that will captivate you with his sense of humor.”

Jeff Medley
International Security Manager
Kissinger Associates


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