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Rich Emberlin is a noted law enforcement analyst and news commentator. He is frequently featured as a subject matter expert on TV news and radio, in addition to authoring published articles on law enforcement topics.


NewsRadio 740 KTRH 

NewsRadio 840 WHAS: The Leland Conway Show 

WIOD Miami 

WHO NewsRadio 1040 with Jeff Angelo 

The Jim Bohannon Show

KLIF 570 AM: The Morning Drive w/Dave & Amy 

KRLD Radio & Texas State News Radio Network

CBS Radio Dallas/Ft. Worth

1240 WJIM: The Steve Gruber Show 

NewsRadio 740 KTRH 

KURV 710 AM 

KMOX NewsRadio 1120 

Debbie Monterrey & Tom Ackerman Talk to Law Enforcement Expert Rich Emberlin about the Sutherland Springs Church Shooting


WHBC News-Talk 1480:  The Gary Rivers Show 

WILS-AM 1320: The WILS Morning Wake-Up w/Dave Akerly

ESPN Radio 93.5 AM Stevie Jay Morning Show - November 2, 2017

Law Enforcement Analyst Rich Emberlin Discusses the New York City Truck Terrorist Attacks


WOOD News Radio 1300 and 106.9 FM 

WDRC-AM 1360 

KURV 710 AM 

WERC 105.5 News Radio 

WSJK ESPN Radio 93.5 

WHO News Radio 1040 

KPNW-AM News Radio 1120 

KOGO 600 AM  

WAJR 1440 

KLIF-AM 570 

America’s 1stNews Radio with Matt Ray 

WHBC News-Talk 1480: The Gary Rivers Show 

Is banning bump stocks a good first step to stopping gun violence?


KLIF-AM 570: The Leah Belding Show - October 9, 2017

WWVA News Radio 1170 – Bloomdaddy Show

Genesis Communications Network: Jim Brown’s Common Sense - October 8, 2017

USA Radio Tim Burr 

WHAS News Radio 840: The Leland Conway Show 

WRVA News Radio 1140

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