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The world’s most dangerous profession is a study in organizational success. America’s frontline warriors are deployed throughout the nation every single day with an extraordinary mission. While failures in the business world result in loss of profit or success, those same failures in the police world result in loss of life. Through riveting firsthand accounts of high-stakes operations from Emberlin’s distinguished 30-year career in law enforcement’s most elite units, he reveals powerful lessons learned from the business of life-and-death and how they apply to personal and professional achievement in any organization.

Rich Emberlin has served as a speaker for businesses, organizations, and events across all industries, such as the Chris Kyle Frog Foundation, Southern Tier Builders Association, and Vineyard and Valor. 

Presentations can be tailored to meet the needs and objectives of each client. For more information or to book Rich, please contact:

Public Relations and Booking Contact:
Sandy Moul

Emblem Communications

P: 760.448.5822


“Rich Emberlin has spent 30 years fighting the war on crime and terrorism, exemplifying the kind of leadership, patriotism, and dedication to duty that our nation can be proud of. I have gotten to know Rich very well over the years, and he truly represents the best that law enforcement has to offer. There is a lifetime of wisdom behind the badge. In addition to being an insightful subject matter expert in his field, Rich is a charismatic and humorous natural-born storyteller who never fails to educate and inspire with true tales from one of the most honorable professions that exists today.”

Roger Staubach
NFL Hall of Fame Quarterback and Super Bowl MVP, Dallas Cowboys
Executive Chairman, Jones Lang LaSalle Americas

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