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Rich Emberlin is a 30-year law enforcement veteran who served most notably with the Dallas Police Department’s elite units, including Dallas SWAT (Special Weapons and Tactics) and the Criminal Intelligence Unit-Dignitary Protection Squad. He was also assigned to the Office of the Chief of Police as a liaison to the Department of Defense, where he facilitated training exercises for the special operations community. Rich is a veteran television personality and subject matter expert who has appeared on A&E Networks’ documentary series Live PD and contributed pieces on policing to

Rich joined the Dallas Police Department in September 1987, eventually becoming an Entry Team Leader for Dallas SWAT in 1996. During his 15 years in SWAT, Rich participated in thousands of missions, including counter-terrorist operations, hostage rescues, barricaded suspect situations, arrest and search warrant executions, and more. These operations formed the basis for Dallas SWAT, the popular A&E Networks reality series that aired from 2006-2007. Rich starred as a primary cast member as the cameras followed his personal and professional life over the course of three seasons.

In 2011, Rich was assigned to the Criminal Intelligence Unit-Dignitary Protection Squad. He conducted liaison operations with the U.S. Secret Service, U.S. Marshals, U.S. State Department, U.S. Dept. of Defense, FBI and various state agencies to provide intelligence and dignitary protection to numerous American presidents, foreign heads of state, members of the U.S. Senate and Congress, Supreme Court Justices, and state governors. This unit was also responsible for investigating protest groups, incidents of significant public disorder, and threats against government officials and police officers. During his early years in the department, Rich held positions as a field training officer in the Patrol Division and undercover detective in the Homeland Security/Special Investigations Division, Narcotics Unit.

Rich retired from the Dallas Police Dept. in October 2016 with over 120 commendations and departmental awards. He remains active in the industry as a law enforcement instructor and president of 540 Solutions, a corporate executive protection and tactical training firm. Rich has been an adjunct instructor for the Safariland Group for over 10 years and previously also served as a law enforcement consultant and instructor for Craft International, a training company founded by the late Navy SEAL Chris Kyle, author of American Sniper. He continues to serve his community as a reserve deputy for the Tarrant County Sheriff’s Department. Rich holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, emphasis in Personnel Management and Organizational Behavior, from the University of North Texas.

  • Active Shooter

  • Barricaded Subject Resolution

  • Chemical Agents

  • Community Policing

  • Counter-Terrorism Operations

  • Criminal Intelligence

  • Dignitary Protection

  • Distraction Devices

  • Firearms (handgun and rifle)

  • Hazardous Warrant Execution

  • Homeland Security

  • Hostage Rescue

  • Less Lethal Munitions

  • Motorcade Operations

  • Narcotics Trafficking

  • Officer Safety and Survival

  • Policing Issues

  • Protective Security Details

  • Reality-Based Training

  • Risk Management

  • Self-Defense

  • SWAT/Tactical Operations (special weapons and tactics)

  • Use of Deadly Force

  • Vehicle Assaults

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